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Parallel Lines


Imagine something new…

let us surprise you.

Parallel Lines
motorsport garage

Pit garages are an extremely important branding tool in the paddock.

All projects are tailor-made and are designed to match each customer’s image, needs and preferences.


The main aim is for every pit garage to have a unique, distinctive style, but, at the same time, befit its intended activity. 

Latest Generation 
Pit Garages

Our Products

The main aim is for every pit garage to have a unique, distinctive style, but, at the same time, for it to be fit for purpose.

af corse
idec sport
fia wec
Parallel Lines


The only limit is imagination! The pit garage can be as surprising and incorporate as many technological elements as the team requires.


Ensuring that a pit garage is eye-catching at the circuit and stands out from its competitor’s is one of the goals.

We design ideas

bcn boxes


BCN Boxes, the next generation of pit garages, increasingly bespoke and technological.

Design prototype

Design Prototypes

So that each of our customers can discover the pit garage range that best expresses their character and their philosophy, we offer a corporate image and design consulting service.

pit garage led generation

LED Generation

The novel development that we offer in our pit garages is LED technology, which is implemented for every customer. We usually use it to highlight logo signs, to demarcate the space perimeter and we also incorporate it into the pit garage lamps, thus enhancing the ambient lighting, an essential aspect in this sector.

pit garage service

Pack Service

This is the reason why BCN Boxes offers a pack service that implements projects in an integrated way and covers all processes for its customers, ranging from the conceptualisation of the initial idea, building, transportation and installation to the annual maintenance of the pit garage.

pit lane equipment


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