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''imagine something new...let us surprise you.''



A one-piece cast body forming a seamless surface area.

Developed for connecting pneumatic quick-release couplings, electrical power and data outlets, displays, clocks, cameras, etc.

Supplied in flight cases for transportation and storage.

The powerhood is fabricated using the thermoforming manufacturing process.

Graphic design can be implemented to fully tailor the model to customer requirements, paint and vinyl finishes.

PowerHood Bullitt Team
PowerHood HardWare C.
PowerHood GpExtreme
PowerHood Air System
PowerHood LED detail


A structure specially designed for hanging the Powerhood LED 218P.

Featuring built-in LED lighting, pneumatic air hoses and electrical wiring, along with their respective outlets for hooking up power and data and TV signals, etc. can be installed inside resulting in a pleasant, well-organized, obstacle-free working space.
The vertical columns can be used to mount monitors, TV screens, displays, sockets, etc.

Available in a diverse array of segment lengths to suit all workshop sizes. Special parts can also be designed at the request of the team.

Gantry LED detail
Gantry GpExtreme
Gantry Tech. Model


A pit garage is also an excellent platform for increasing the visibility of sponsors by creating a design that combines the diverse brands that form part of a team and incorporating them in an effective, stylish way.

The novel development that we offer in our pit garages is LED technology, which is implemented for every customer.

We usually use it to showcase logo signs, to demarcate the space perimeter and we also incorporate it into the pit garage lamps, thus enhancing the ambient lighting, an essential feature in this sector.

LED Number
Panel window LED TV
Name LED PR3
Panel window LED TV
LED Number
Name LED PR3


Pit garages are an extremely important branding tool in the paddock. All projects are tailor-made and are designed to match each customer’s image, needs and preferences.

The main aim is for every pit garage to have a unique, distinctive style, but, at the same time, for it to be fit for purpose. 

The only limit is imagination! A pit garage can be as surprising and incorporate as many technological elements as the team requires.

Ensuring that a pit garage is eye-catching at the circuit and stands out from its competitor’s is one of our goals.

Trailer awning

This tent was designed so that the space between the trailers could be used and to showcase the corporate image of the Motorsport teams.

Aluminum structures for garages and paddock, facilitating the installation of lamps, televisions, et

Aluminum structures for garages and paddock, facilitating the installation of lamps, televisions, etc. Available in segments, they come in lengths ranging from 0.17m to 5 m. and are formed of 50 mm and 35 mm diameter tubes with natural aluminum or any RAL color finish.

Socket Elevator

Socket elevator Fits perfectly in any working environment. With a diameter of 79 mm, it is ideal for integrating power and data connections in tiny spaces. Simply press down with your thumb to raise and lower socket elevator.

cabinet detail

Cabinet close-up The slightly metallic flake of the charcoal hued vinyl is a truly unique and stylish way to add visual depth and complexity to the exterior and interior.

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