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All Pit perchs offer the perfect balance of style and practicality. They are cleverly designed and constructed using our unique assembly processes and material combinations. There are several different workstation styles to choose from in our range.



We fit them out with TV screens, power, data outlets and seats.


We also create wraps, displaying team and sponsor logos, and design and digitally print them.


All the materials are delivered in a flight case for their transportation and storage and each part has its own padded bag.



*Options: Different color paint, rain cover, graphics and signage, (price on request).Standard parts delivered in white.

Pit Perch 2001

SKU: 2001
11.340,00 €Precio
Color: White Gloss
  • 1 Roof

    1 Base (with 5 adjustable feet + support plate to a_x the structure

    1 To the ground and prevent wind-induced toppling)

    2 Polycarbonate side windows

    4 Flat screens 19” (falta confirmar)

    1 Power and signal wiring 1 Rear panel

    1 Rear polycarbonate window 1 Worktop

    1 Black padded bag set

    1 Flight case

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