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Gantry for 6000mm Pit garage


A structure specially designed for hanging the Powerhood LED 218PF and 218PE.


Featuring built-in LED lighting, pneumatic air hoses and electrical wiring, along with their respective outlets for hooking up power and data and TV signals, etc. can be installed inside resulting in a pleasant, well-organized, obstacle-free working space.


The vertical columns can be used to mount monitors, TV screens, displays, sockets, etc.

Available in a diverse array of segment lengths to suit all workshop sizes. Special parts can also be designed at the request of the team.


*consult us for other measures


SKU: 218G
9.828,00 €Precio
  • Standard Gantry:
    -Aluminum structure (2legs + 2moulded parts + 1straight section (when the length excedes 5meters)
    -Measures 2500mmH x 700mmW x 6000mL
    -Internal wire to supply power to LED lights and the Powerhood LED 218P

    Additional modifications:
    -Pneumatic quick-release couplings.
    -Data outlets.
    -Displays, flat screens, monitors, cameras, etc.
    - Backlit areas can be created (laser cut) according to the customer's own design, such as logos, numbers, texts, etc.

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